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New PP lids for sustainable solutions

Our food service markets are currently driven by 2 key lifestyle mega-trends :

    • “Homing”: Eating at home is regaining importance against the backdrop of increasing mobility. Consequently, the food to go market should grow by 35% by 2021 whereas delivered meals should increase by 42% in the same period.
    • “Eco-behaviour”: 94% of European consumers consider the protection of the environment important, and 66% of them are willing to pay more if products have a positive impact on the environment.


Moreover, hot food to go is today the most popular type of food to go, and most consumers reheat their take-out meals in the original food containers

To stay one step ahead of these trends and confirm its leadership on Sustainable Packaging and Tableware, Sabert launches a new range of 4 PP lids for 7 BePulp best sellers trays.

BePulp trays and PP lids offer many key benefits:

  • Natural, plant based & renewable resource:

BePulp trays and bowls are made from fibre residue of plant origin (e.g. sugar cane bagasse)

  • 100% Home compostable:

BePulp trays and bowls are Home OK Compost certified by TUV Austria (EN 13432)

– For industrial and garden composting

– They disintegrate up to min. 90% in 120 days

  • Recyclable PP lids offer a cristal clarity perfect for merchandising of all types of food
  • BePulp trays and PP lids offer a fully heat resistant solution, that allows:

– To offer hot preparations at any time in hot cabinets for the professional

– To reheat the complete meal in the microwave for the end consumer

  • Venting lids keeping transparency on the shelves and avoiding the lid coming off out in the microwave
  • An exclusive offer on the pulp packaging market


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New Product

Eco-friendly Cutlery

Discover our new BePulp cutlery, made from biosourced material and 100% compostable, the MOST eco-friendly cutlery on the market.

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New Product

Eco-Friendly Rectangular Slope Container

Ideal for street food traders and caterers serving food-to-go options. Sabert’s new Rectangular Slope Container provides the best of both worlds: maximum convenience and sustainability.


New Product

BePulp Pagoda Hybrid

This new shape is ideal to present nicely mixed salad ingredients next to each other and enable the consumer to get the entire recipe at a glance . The base is made of natural bagasse and the lid of recycled PET.


New Product

Deli Platter Range

Showcase your food with Sabert’s brand new Deli Platters. Sensational look, perfect lid fit, 1/2 gastronorm size, layout customizable.

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New Product

Oval Eco Street Bowl

NEW innovative bePulp Oval Eco Street Bowls available in 2 sizes. ideal for street food traders and caterers serving food-to-go meals such as noodles, pastas, curries, burritos, salads.


New Product

Pagoda Platters

We are very pleased to present our new Pagoda platter range with clean lines and minimalist curves. The three sizes of these small rectangular black platters are ideal for sushi, nibbles, mini-desserts, etc.

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New Product

Sealable Mini Square Range

Original square design for individual portions. We offer 3 sizes of bowls: 175ml, 250ml and 375ml and 2 sizes of lids.


New Product

SureStrip Solution

SureStrip packaging is the ideal way to merchandise a broad range of fresh foods and snacks for maximum shelf appeal and quick turns.

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Elegant snacking, a phenomenon that’s really booming.