Embedding sustainability in everything we do


Our commitment to sustainability goes far beyond eco-friendly product developments. It is embedded in our entire business model, strategic commitments, and global sustainability programme.


At Sabert, every aspect of our business is examined through the lens of sustainability: from sourcing, design and manufacturing, all the way to recycling. We do this with the objective of continuously improving our environmental footprint, but also our customers’ and ultimately our end users’ through our products.


As many do in our industry, we recognize the importance of moving towards a circular economy. Achieving this goal in a company like ours starts with the sourcing step and understanding the materials’ lifecycles. At Sabert, we pride ourselves on selecting the best raw materials for our customers so their dishes not only look their best in our packaging, but also contribute to a greener future.


Our product portfolio is comprised of various eco-friendly solutions made from renewable resources or recycled material and are either compostable, recyclable, or reusable.



Sustainable Innovations

Innovate in Pulp product and continually search for new sustainable materials – Installed proprietary equipment designed to use up to 100% recycled PET also 100% recyclable…

Smart Sourcing

Implemented quality control measures to ensure vendors meet sustainability, social and ethics requirements.

Energy Conservation

Use of green energy with solar panels, installing led lighting extensively – ultra-efficient production tools using less energy – optimisation of storage and transport space…

Waste Reduction

Recycle 100% of production waste – Use the best established cutting-edge technology for the use and recycling of recycled PET applications.

Renewable and compostable pulp



Combining a fully compostable* and elegant design with an exceptional performance, our BePulp line is one of our flagship and most popular brands, and has made a name for itself in the industry over the years.


Sabert BePulp Solutions are made using pulp that comes from fibres of plant origin. This natural material is both abundant and renewable, and is usually intended for waste. For instance, Sabert uses sugar cane bagasse, which is left over from the extraction of cane juice. Sugarcane is a highly renewable raw material as it regrows up to three times a year.


*We offer a range of TUV Austria-certified natural and laminated pulp options, which meet home and industrial composting standards, making it the ultimate circular product.

Find out more about our pulp

100% recycled and recyclable



Sabert recyclable clear Chilled Solutions are fully circular and are made from 100% high grade post-consumer recycled PET bottle flakes.


In addition to this, Sabert takes recyclability one step further by reusing the totality of its internal rPET waste in the production of new clear rPET packaging solutions.


This allows us to back up our claim that both our sourcing and manufacturing processes for 100% rPET products are truly zero-waste from start to finish. As finished Sabert chilled food packaging solutions are also fully recyclable, this unique material can be repurposed after use for the manufacturing of other daily items, making our products completely circular.


Our 100% rPET raw material was issued a Global Recycled Standard certification from Control Union Certifications in 2021. The certificate was delivered following the inspection and assessment of our facilities in Nivelles, Belgium.

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Recyclable cardboard



Sabert’s Kraft Collection of corrugated and paperboard food packaging solutions, made from FSC paper, are recyclable. Some products such as our sleeves even have post-consumer fibre content. Our products’ sturdy construction ensures food is properly insulated and protected during transport.


The Kraft Collection offers the perfect balance of sustainability, performance, and versatility to help operators make a positive and lasting impression on customers.

More information on our paperboard (Kraft) offering

Reusable polypropylene



Made from advanced materials, Sabert PP Fastpac products have the perfect thickness to ensure the best rigidity as well as leak-proof transport of food in all delivery conditions. These attributes allow food service operators and end-users to reuse our Fastpac products multiple times, after a run in the dishwasher.


Our Fastpac polypropylene trays contain an organically sourced mineral, talc. This mineral offers significant benefits such as enhanced rigidity, improved thermal stability and barrier effect, as well as higher heat insulation.


To top it off, Sabert is able to confirm its Zero Waste policy with this range, as 100% of Sabert’s internal PP waste is reused to produce new Fastpac trays and lids.

More information on our reusable PP (Fastpac) offering

The "Wash & Reuse" certification

The Fastpac PP Delivery range and the Mozaïk Tableware range are both reusable and frequently re-used by the end consumer.

“Wash & Reuse” encourages you to reuse our products, reduce waste, and enjoy them many times over!

More information on this certification

Our tip on how to recycle our products

Recycling done properly goes a long way in protecting our planet! What type of material goes where can however vary across the EU.


If you’re ever unsure what Sabert product goes in what bin, you can of course always ask us, or you can visit the PRO Europe* (Packaging Recovery Organisation Europe) website. Simply click on your country on the map, and follow the instructions given by the local recycling organisation!


*PRO Europe  is the umbrella organisation of 31 national producer responsibility systems engaged in the selective collection and recycling of packaging waste.

Visit the PRO Europe website