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Eco-Friendly and Recyclable Packaging

The BePulp range is fully made from fiber of plant origin, a natural material which is both abundant and renewable. Our sustainable range is composed of table-ready packaging and design to withstand any conditions, from freezers to ovens.





Meal Box to Go

Discover the new BePulp all in one packaging that will perfectly meet the needs of food to go and delivered meals markets. Easy to grab & go and perfect for food to go the Meal Box to Go will ensure a safe transportation of your food thanks to its innovative and unique Fold & Click locking system.

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Rectangular Containers

Allows to offer hot preparations at any time and to reheat the complete meal in the microwave for the end consumer. Ideal for street food traders and caterers serving food-to-go options.

Different types of lids available:

  • Pulp & RPET for COLD applications
  • Pulp & PP for HOT and reheatable applications (know more)
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Buddha Bowls: healthy meals with a natural touch

Give an extra eco-friendly feel to your food with this trendy, fully recyclable range!

With their five curvy shapes and three lid options suitable for virtually any kind of culinary creation, hot or cold, our Buddha Bowls are an absolute wonder of versatility. Easily store your food in the fridge or freezer, or just pop the bowl in the oven or microwave for reheating!


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Grab & Go

This range offers a variety of on-the-go packaging solutions for today’s mobile consumers and fit any snacking need.

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Catering and Tableware

From tableware to eco friendly appetizers, large capacity catering bowl and sustainable platters, discover our tableware solutions with outstanding design, in line with trendy permanent tableware. Theses products will makes the perfect addition to any occasion.

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Do You Want To Try?

As natural pulp solutions are made from natural fibres, product may vary depending on application. We recommend testing the solution for your application.

Please contact us for samples.