The eco-friendly solution for hot food

container for delivery

The food service market is changing rapidly driven by trends including the increasing number of people ordering food online and the growing number of consumers looking for sustainable offerings. The need for eco-friendly and reliable packaging for hot food is significant and not always addressed properly.


In that context, we decided to extend our popular BePulp range with PP heat resistant lids. This addition brings more versatility to the assortment without compromising on style and design. The range now also has fully heat resistant  solutions  allowing greater convenience, from the kitchen of the restaurant to the consumer’s home.
Beyond their sleek design, the lids have been developed to answer the needs of the market ensuring clarity on the shelves, excellent stackability and leak resistance during transport.


Associated with the 100% compostable BePulp bases, these recyclable lids offer to quick service restaurants and delivery services a great eco-friendly solution for hot food.


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