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Expert in food packaging since 1990, Sabert Europe has grown and evolved to become one of the leaders in eco-friendly food packaging and tableware in Europe. With 30 years of experience, we have given ourselves the mission to offer our clients the best guarantees in terms of quality, safety and service. We are responsible for the entire production process, from the raw materials to the final product. We want to help you make your food look great at all moments and for any occasion.


It is all about you

Our clients are the essence of our business and our motivation for the development and delivery the best food packaging.

Sabert provides innovative, value-added products to the highest quality standards supported by outstanding customer service.

Today, our product solutions fulfill this vision and have earned the trust and loyalty of customers around the globe.

As our employees and clients agree, Sabert makes food look great.

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We offer you a wide variety of innovative and sustainable packaging and tableware at your service.

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Made and designed in Belgium

Our design & innovation teams create and develop premium sustainable food packaging for your food creations in our offices which are located south of the city of Brussels. We  continuously expand our ranges to bring you the best products each specific need and food type.

With more than 1,200 items, you will find extra inspiration in our food service catalogue, from the common salad bowl to exclusives shapes and designs. Are you looking for a tailor-made designs to meet a very specific needs? Don’t hesitate to speak with your sales representative at Sabert.


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The safest packaging for your food

Sabert Europe has been awarded Grade AA in the BRC Global Standard Certificate issue 6, which guarantees the very highest level of quality management. As a team, we will strive to continuously meet and exceed expectations for your food safety packaging needs. Our team’s dedication to meeting the highest level of hygiene requirements and providing our customers with the highest quality and safety products is ongoing, 365 days a year. This high level of quality in our production is not only essential to our customers. High standards are also beneficial for our work environment: smooth operations, safe work environment, less waste… Our products and services are fully in line with expectations, free of food safety risk and meet all legal
requirements in hygiene and food safety compliance. Discover our certifications on page 91 of this catalogue.

Recyclable cardboard

Sabert’s Paper Collection of paperboard and corrugated food packaging solutions, made from FSC TM certified paper, are recyclable. Some products such as our sleeves even have post-consumer fibre content. Our products’ sturdy construction ensures food is properly insulated and protected during transport. The Paper Collection offers the perfect balance of sustainability, performance, and versatility to help operators make a positive and lasting impression on consumers.

QA-CER recycled content

Sabert Corporation Europe SA is certified according to QA-CER recycled content. QA-CER recycled content, is an international, independent, third-party certification system based on the principles of ISO 9001 including the chain of custody. It goes beyond ISO 14021 in the fact that it identifies all possible waste streams that can be recycled and present so-doing an all comprehensive system. The certificate was issued following the inspection of our quality system related to the recycling process and use of
recycled materials, both the recycled content and the quality of the end product are addressed in order to support the principle of sustainability, and the evaluation of our facilities in Nivelles, Belgium.