Sustainable Packaging for Hot Food To Go

Pasta bowl

Sabert extended its BePulp Hot2Go Range with 3 new round bowls ideal for pasta, noodles, porridge or any other hot to go meal. Those 3 new containers complete the existing eco-friendly range and offer a robust lid fit which enhances food preservation and eliminates leakage.

Latest trends in foodservice

  • Consumer’s satisfaction is all about choice, good food, quick and HOT. Hot meal or snack offer is booming.
  • Most consumers reheat their takeout meal in the original food container
  • There is an increasing demand for sustainable packaging

Sabert’s answer to these trends is this new range of sustainable packaging with genuine added value:

  • Best lid fit in the market
  • Designed to grab and eat on-the-go
  • Fully microwaveable (base & lid)
  • Leak resistance
  • No taste transfer
  • Bowls are OK compost certified

Sabert’s BePulp Hot2Go range is the takeaway solution that meets the unique needs of foodservice providers and quick service restaurants. The combination of compostable natural pulp bases and PP lids is ideal for food preparations that are kept in hot cabinets or need to be reheated in the microwave.


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