SureStrip Solution

We are pleased to communicate another exciting new Sabert launch! In light of the succes of our square SureStrip range, we have decided to extend the range to rectangles.

SureStrip stands for tamper-resistant packaging that gives you the visible assurance of safety that consumers demand. And its crystal-clear, rib-free design shows your products in all its beauty. SureStrip packaging is the ideal way to merchandise a broad range of fresh foods and snacks for maximum shelf appeal and quick turns.

Our SureStrip range is now built out to 12 different sizes to fit all needs:

  • 3 footprints: one square and two rectangles.
  • Food safety is assured with the SureStrip exclusive concept.
  • Leak resistant: tight-fitting lids mean no worries about leaks or spills.
  • Stackable: the angled stacking features on lids enable secure stacking several layers high.

Choose the right combination for your product and operation!

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