Sealable Mini Square Range

We are very pleased to announce significant news on our Mini Square Bowls range.

The latest trends in foodservice show that:

  • Eat on-the-go products are growing along with consumers leading busier lifestyles. Individual portions offer and desserts offer is rapidly expanding.
  • End-consumers have more and more environmental concerns and will prefer packaging solutions proactively addressing this.
  • Professionals are looking for easy solutions that answer their need for customization, labelling and sealing.

We have therefore built out our Mini Square Bowls range with some great added value.

  • Launch of a new volume size of 375ml.
  • Total Mini Square Bowls range, from now on, is produced in Recycled PET.
  • All lids are designed to fit perfectly to the bowls and to allow putting a wide variety of labels.
  • All Mini Square Bowls are sealable.

Individual portion and easy to grab & go bowls is a must-have solution!

We offer 3 sizes of bowls: 175ml, 250ml and 375ml and 2 sizes of lids.

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