NEW: Discover now our new recyclable Paper Cutlery range !

Sabert innovates and launches a whole new range of surprising FSC™-certified Paper Cutlery.


Why surprising?

Well unlike what you would expect from paper, it does not desintagrate during the use and offers a very pleasant mouth sensation on top of great stiffness and quality cutting when using the knife and great rigidity when sticking the fork into the food.

After months of researches and trials we are happy to launch an innovative and patented range of 4 skus :

🍽️ Fork

🍽️ Knife

🥄 Spoon

🥄 Coffee Spoon

They are unique on the market and you will love them for their many advantages:


  • Stylish & robust design
  • Stiffness & cut quality
  • Smooth touch
  • Food mouth sensation
  • Performs with cold & hot


Ready for the new experience ?

Grab your food – dip your spoon in it – enjoy !





Try them now !


EN: download the Sales Folder