Oval Eco Street Bowl

We are pleased to announce the launch of our BePulp Oval Eco Street Bowls. This new innovative shape extends perfectly our BePulp sustainable packaging range. The oval containers are available in 2 sizes – 620ml and 770ml – and share the same recycled PET lid. The solution is ideal for street food traders and caterers serving food-to-go options such as noodles, pastas, curries, burritos, salads.


The latest trends in foodservice show that:

  • There is an increasing demand for sustainable packaging solutions;
  • Eco-friendly packaging emphasises the sustainable image of quick service restaurant;
  • Foodservice players are looking for packaging that gives a local, artisanal, seasonal, ultra-fresh look to the prepared foods.
  • Consumers expect greener foodservice packaging.

Sabert answers these trends with the BePulp range now enhanced with an oval solution with genuine added value.

  • The best lid fit in the market
  • Designed to grab and eat on-the-go
  • Fits perfectly into a standard take-away paper bag
  • Recycled PET lid with easy labelling feature
  • Leak resistance
  • Excellent stackability
  • No taste transfer
  • Bowls are certified COMPOSTABLE


Sabert’s new BePulp Oval Eco Street Bowls provide the best of both worlds: maximum convenience and sustainability for on-the-go eating.


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