NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: our sustainable & recyclable Rectangular Kraft Paper Bowl Range

Complete our kraft paper bowls range with the Sabert’s Rectangular Kraft Paper Bowls, your new must-have for chilled food as salads or pasta & hot food counter service, hot cabinet or to reheat in the microwave.

What are their Benefits:

  • Its rectangular shape offers maximal shelf space efficiency and excellent stackability!
  • One common lid available for the 4 bowls
  • 3 different lids solution available depending on your needs:
    • the perfect display thanks to the clear rPET lid with Sabert’s ultra performant antifog
    • Heat resistant with our PP microwaveable lids!
    • Full paper solution with our Kraft paper lid

Available in 4 sizes: 500ml, 650ml, 750ml & 1000ml.

And what more

  • Stackable, nestable & sealable
  • Moisture and leak resistance
  • PP Lamination suitable for the microwave
  • Made from recyclable FSCTM-certified paper
  • Fully recyclable solutions (base & lids)

And the last but not least … it’s fully customizable to your own brand!

How to get them?

Reach out to your Sales Representatives for more details or visit us on our Contact Page to ask for free samples!