NEW Bepulp Natural Pulp 2oz sauce pot + lid

🌱 100% natural and 100% home-compostable


NEW Bepulp Natural pulp 2oz sauce pots and lids are the true eco-friendly solution for all sauce portions and to show your commitment to sustainability.

Why you will love them?

  • 100% eco-friendly solution: pot + lid
  • Home compostable
  • Strong lid fit
  • Easy stacking
  • Easy denesting
  • Microwaveable 3min 800W
  • Showcase your food with a delicious side sauce in a 100% eco-friendly look.

Sauce pot 2 oz –  Ø6cm – Unbleached pulp – PUL46002
Lid for pot 2 oz – Ø6cm -Unbleached pulp – PUL56002