New BePulp Compostable Solutions : Catering bowls

Global chilled and deli food market is expected to see considerable growth of more than 12 % in the 4 coming years.

Premium, fresh, and healthy convenience food and drink are indeed essential as many people consider themselves to be foodies, which raises their expectations of food quality, flavours, and formats. The iGeneration, like Millennials before them, include people who are passionate about food, but might lack the skills, equipment, or time to prepare the foods they are used to seeing on cooking shows or eating out-of-home.

Corporate delivery is also booming: lunch meeting and daily breakfast become even more important every day because they are viewed as management techniques in today’s business world.

Eco-behavior is also gaining strong importance, with 94% of European consumers considering the protection of the environment important, and 66% of them willing to pay more if products have a positive impact on the environment.

To meet these needs, Sabert launches a new range of 4 BePulp catering bowls. They present a lot of advantages:

  • Natural, plant based & renewable resource:

BePulp Catering Bowls are made from fibre residue of plant origin (e.g. sugar cane bagasse)

  • 100% Home compostable:

BePulp Catering Bowls are Home OK Compost certified by TUV Austria (EN 13432)

– For industrial and garden composting

– They disintegrate up to min. 90% in 120 days

  • 100% Recyclable:

BePulp Catering Bowls can be used with recycled and recyclable rPET lids

  • Suitable for hot and cold applications

BePulp Catering Bowls are suitable for hot preparations up to 120°C, and are microwaveable

  • Stunning presentation for deli counters, event catering, corporate delivery…
  • Perfect lid fit & excellent stackability


This key feature offers secure transport for both caterers and restaurant operators to deliver to their customers



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