Hot food container 3-compartment

Restaurant delivery service is growing very fast (+ 42% within 2020). This is due to 2 key lifestyle mega-trends: high consumer expectations for quality of ingredients and daily dining experiences, as well as lack of ability, time or desire to cook for themselves.

Our hot and microwaveable PP solutions meet the needs of delivered food and hot food to go, thanks to shapes designed for every food type, and excellent performance for both food service professionals and end consumer.

The new rectangular Fastpac container 3-compartment has many significant advantages:

  • The size is perfect for small individual complete meals: Main course + 2 side dishes
  • Both compartmented base and lid ensure excellent food presentation from the restaurant to the end consumer
  • Stackable bases and lids enable space saving and transportation facilities
  • Leakprook performances prevent leaks and spills and ensure excellent food transportation
  • The large tab guarantees easy lid opening
  • Microwaveable base and lid enables food to be re-heated directly in the packaging
  • Outstanding design and quality for a standout presentation home and at the table
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