Fastpac Combo Range: base & lid in one case for more convenience

Food service is driven by 1 key lifestyle mega-trend: “Homing”. Due to economic growth, home working, entertainment (VOD, video game, etc…), E-commerce, and new delivery players that make many more restaurants accessible to a greater number of consumers, “homing” or “staying at home” has considerably increased.

The food delivery services suit perfectly the needs of Millennials. This generation of people under the age of 35 that represent 30% of today consumers will represent 50% in 5 years. They want products to come to them instead of going to the products and are very comfortable with delivery. The growth of digital orders was 15 times more important than the growth of visits in commercial catering in 2017

Food to go market should grow by 35% by 2021 whereas delivered meals should increase by 42% in the same period. The panel of type of cuisine is larger and larger, people like testing all types of cuisine in their home comfort. In addition, city workers who do not have the luxury of taking an hour out of the office, contribute to this amazing markets increase.

Hot food to go is the most popular type of food to go, and most consumers reheat their take-out meals in the original food containers

That is why our Fastpac range is doing so well. To help restaurants and small kitchens to work with Fastpac more easily we launch 3 combo boxes – base & lid in the same case – for more convenience.

The solutions in combo format offer many significant advantages:

  • Small range of 3 best seller Fastpac solutions
    • Rectangular one compartment with lid (900ml)
    • Rectangular two compartment with lid (600ml/300ml)
    • Square with lid (500ml)
  • Space saving:
    • “All in one” solution
    • 150 containers and 150 lids per case
    • Container and lid always at hand
  • Time saving:
    • Only 1 case for a base & lid solution
    • One order for a complete solutions
    • Always same number of containers and lids
    • Easier stock management
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