Eco friendly compartment containers

With the aim of making food always look greater while following the most recent food market trends, we decided to extent our eco friendly container range with 2 new compartment solutions.

The 2 new solutions allow menus and ingredients to be displayed as if prepared by a chef and offer a sustainable alternative for today’s increasingly eco conscious customer.


Why choose Sabert’s eco friendly compartment containers?

  • High-end food display possibilities
  • The pulp material is suitable for chilled, hot and reheatable food
  • Clear lid made of recycled PET allows a perfect visibility of the preparation
  • Table ready container thanks to outstanding design and quality
  • Perfect compartment sizes to separate ingredients of a complete meal


The eco friendly compartment containers will be ideal for quick service restaurants, caterers, restaurants with a delivery service or street food vendors looking for a packaging that enhances their food preparation and combines style, convenience and sustainability.


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