Deli Platter Range

At Sabert we know that catering is an art. A combination of great tasting food and sensational presentations. With our new Deli Platter range, caterers will be able to offer an upscale presentation that stays safe during transport and allows service straight to the table.

The latest trends in foodservice show that:


  • Presentation is of absolute importance as consumers eat with their eyes.
  • Busy office days require corporate lunches to be shared with colleagues in the meeting room.
  • Increased offering of plattered fresh fruit and vegetable pieces to share.


Our answer to these trends is our New Deli Platter Range with genuine added value


  • Sensational presentation, platters are ready-to-table
  • Handy due to grab features
  • Ideal for transport, lid fits and stays firmly on the platter
  • Outer dimensions of the solution are ½ gastronorm
  • Recycled PET lids
  • Excellent stackability and denesting features
  • Platters are sealable
  • Interior arrangement customizable as an option


Manufactured by Sabert Europe






We offer 2 half gastronorm platters: a classic one and a five compartments one. Available with 2 lid options: a high one and a flat one.


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