Biodegradability: Certificate guarantees

The terms biodegradable and compostable are used more and more commonly but they are frequently used wrongly, which gives rise to confusion.

European regulation EN 13432, (JOCE dated 12 July 2001) resolves this problem and defines the features that a material or product must possess in order to be considered compostable and biodegradable. Thus, packaging which fulfils this regulation can be composted just like organic waste. The definition of criteria of compostability is very important because materials that cannot be composted (traditional plastics, glass, materials contaminated by heavy metals, etc.) can affect the final quality of compost and thereby make it inappropriate for agricultural usage. Thus, it would be unacceptable from an environmental and commercial perspective (source: Ademe).

BePulp products are compliant with this regulation and have obtained several certificates. Most of our BePulp products are certified Home OK Compost and some OK Compost. These products can be composted according to EN 13 432 standards, and disintegrates 90% in 90-120 days, according to composting conditions (private or industrial).