Buddha Bowls: now also available in 600 ml

Are you looking for the best eco-friendly packaging to present your healthy meals to go in a trendy way?

Plant-based Buddha Bowls could be the ideal solution, but what is it exactly?

The concept is not totally new, it has been around since 2013 but it became really popular in 2017. Originally Buddha Bowls are meant to feed the stomach AND the mind with super healthy veggie food using various ingredients, all cooked or prepared separately but nicely assembled in one unique bowl.

1 buddha bowl = 1 complete healthy meal.

Since then Buddha Bowls have emerged everywhere and have found new fan all around the globe. Not only end-consumers love them because of their trendy shapes, but it is also a way to showcase your commitment to sustainability and responsible and healthy cooking.

Discover the BePulp Buddha Bowls by Sabert:

–  Easy to grab and trendy shape

–  3 different sizes to fit all your recipes: 1000 ml, 750 ml and now also available in 600 ml

–  100% natural and home compostable

–  2 types of eco-friendly lids available depending on your priorities:

🥕 100% rpet lid for a unique showcase

🥑 100% plant-based lid for a fully home compostable solution

👉 1 size fits them all: Ø 17 cm


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