Individual Hot Food Containers

Hot Food Container

We are happy to announce the launch of our new Fastpac small rectangular containers that enhance our hot food containers collection.

Current trend leading our food service markets is “homing”: Eating at home is regaining importance against the backdrop of increasing mobility. Proliferating order-and-pay applications, third-party online ordering and delivery services are also making “dining in” easier than ever. Consequently, restaurant delivery service are expected to grow by 42% within 2020.

Our hot and microwaveable Fastpac solutions meet the needs of delivered food and hot food to go, thanks to shapes designed for every food type and excellent performance for both food service operators and end consumers.

The 2 new small rectangular Fastpac containers have many significant advantages:

  • They have the ideal size for hot individual portions and specific recipes (Starters, meats in sauce, sea food, side dishes (pasta, rice, vegetables)
  • Their size and capacity are also adapted for delivery of chilled food (small salads, fruits, desserts)
  • Thanks to their compact size, excellent stackability and leakproof performance, they enable space saving and transportation facilities
  • Their outstanding design and quality ensure excellent food presentation from the restaurant to the end consumer
  • Fully microwaveable, they allow the end consumer to reheat the food directly in the packaging
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