Pagoda Platters

Pagoda platters

We are very pleased to show you our new Pagoda platters with clean lines and minimalist curves. The three sizes of these small rectangular black platters are ideal for sushi, nibbles, mini-desserts, etc.

The latest trends in foodservice show that:

  • Ready meals and meals to go are a lot more gourmet.
  • Packaging and food visibility are vital for every food offer.
  • Snackification is an ongoing trend. Traditional mealtimes are on decline and healthy snacks are filling the gap. The food offering is now moving into convenient, portable foods to replace breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Consumers are waiting for quick, healthy and balanced meal offer.

Our answer to these trends is the new Pagoda range with genuine added value.

  • 3 sizes, ideal for sushi, nibbles, mini-desserts, etc.
  • Innovative, clean lines, design
  • Superb product visibility
  • Perfect lid fit and stacking feature

Eye-catching and easy to grab & go platters, as our Pagoda platter range, is a must-have solution to showcase food preparations.
We now offer 3 sizes:12x16cm, 12x22cm and 16x22cm.

Manufactured by Sabert Europe

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