The table ready eco-friendly solution

At Sabert we keep our eyes wide open on the fast moving packaging market we are in, we consistantly offer new solutions to enable our foodservice customers to embrace the new trends as far as possible.

Salad Trend: Salad is firmly in fashion. Rather than a meal accompaniment, it often takes centre-stage as a main meal in itself. Consumer are looking for salads that are filling, healthy and delicious. Though the lunchtime sandwich sector remains buoyant, research found that more and more consumers swapped bread in favour of salads or other healthier options.

Eco Behaviour : It is not just what is in the salad that counts, consumers demand for transparency extends to the packaging. Shoppers want recycled, compostable options with a smaller environmental footprint.

To stay one step ahead of the trends, we decided to enhance our eco-friendly solutions! Our brand new BePulp OCTA plate:

  • Suits any salad to be eaten in, to be taken out or to be delivered.
  • Has a convenient and stylish design that allows outstanding and colourful presentation of salads as if on a plate.
  • Is a table ready plate, easy to eat from.
  • Is a sustainable packaging:
    • Compostable base
    • Clear Recycled PET lid


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