NEW: BePulp MEAL BOX TO GO packaging

The new compostable takeout and delivery packaging you can fully rely on!

You are looking for a sustainable packaging, however your 1st priority is to ensure your takeout meals and deliveries remain impeccable?

Discover our new Meal Box To Go all in one pulp packaging, Thanks to its innovative and unique “Fold & Click” locking concept® that avoids leaks and spills you may rely on a secured transport for takeout and delivered meal services.


Moreover, it is easily stackable, fillable and closable.

The high quality of its pulp material design ensures stiffness and strength making it also a perfect partner for your deliveries.

BePulp Meal Box To Go range is:
– designed for safe and leakproof transportation od hot and cold applications
– Home OK Compost certified by TUV Austria(EN 13432)
– Spoonable and easy grab & go solution perfect for food to go
– Ovenable up to 200°C for 30 min* and microwavable up to 3 min for all
type of food

Available in 4 formats (square, rectangular, with compartments) from 500ml to 1000ml.


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