Sabert EU certificates BRC AA Grade: the highest possible rating for a BRC planned audit


As an actor in the food industry, you want to rely on your packaging provider and you want it to comply with a number of standards, including BRC Global Standard for packaging materials.

Sabert EU is delighted to have achieved again Grade AA in the BRC Global Standard Certificate issue 6, the highest possible rating for a BRC planned audit.


As a team, we will strive to continuously meet and exceed expectations for your food safety packaging needs. Our team’s dedication to meets top level requirements of hygiene and to deliver the  highest product quality and security for our customers is ongoing 365 days a year.


This high level of quality in our production is not only essential to our customers. High standards are also beneficial for our work environment: smooth operations, safe work environment, less waste… These things tend to increase our worker satisfaction, which is important as well.


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Sabert, Make food looks great… and safe!