Sabert Corporation US acquires paper-based food packaging company, LBP Manufacturing.

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Congratulations to the US team & proud to be part of a global company investing in the future and the improvement of our sustainable offer.

Sabert Corporation US has entered a definitive agreement to acquire paper-based food packaging company, LBP Manufacturing.

“Sabert’s success has always been based on our deep-rooted commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to meet our customers’ needs,” said Albert Salama, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sabert. “LBP’s customer-centric culture and superior track record of developing performance-driven products that respond to their customers’ needs makes them a great fit to join our organization.“


Félicitations à nos collègues US pour l’acquisition de LPB manufacturing, spécialiste des emballages en papier.

Ils démontrent une fois de plus notre engagement pour des packagings plus responsables.