Today more than ever, quality fast food has its requirements. In the case of take away meals to be re-heated in the microwave, Sabert has an ideal technical response. Ventilated lids avoid condensation and ensure that steam gets out. This range has leakproof lid fit, perfect stackability and can be re-used.

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My clients are all kinds of people: stressed, rushed parents, elderly people living alone, young people needing inspiration …
Every day, I try to offer balanced, high quality ready meals and I believe that packaging is an important element in the overall service I offer. I use a lot of boxes with compartments, which I find chic but also very practical to measure out quantities.

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Vented lids

All Fastpac lids are equipped with a venting hole. Firstly, this avoids moisture in order to keep the products perfectly visible. Secondly, lids do not burst open when reheated in the microwave. Finally, it allows the steam to release without cooling down the food.