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Innovative design to showcase all salads

Salad Bowl

Salad is firmly in fashion. Rather than a meal accompaniment, it often takes centre-stage as a main meal in itself so consumers want salads that are filling, healthy and delicious. Consumers wants products that deliver on taste, health and convenience without breaking the bank. It is not just what is in the salad that counts, consumers expect packaging innovations particularly if eaten on-the-go.

The Sabert Impression Bowls are designed to stay in the hand and suitable for any salad to go. The transparency of the solution allows the time-poor consumer to see at a glance all ingredients of the salad meal. Furthermore, the concave shape enables work with layers to give a great filling impression.

The new Impression bowls are currently available in 3 sizes and have plenty of advantages:

  • Made of recycled PET
  • Concave shape to give an amazing filling perception
  • Appealing design that enable ingredients to be arranged in layers
  • Designed to be hold in the hand for any salad to-go
  • Easy labelling feature on the lid
  • Euro crate compatible to optimize transport on pallets
Find out all the details in our folder Check out the introduction video