Fastpac Combo Range: base & lid in one case for more convenience

Food service is driven by 1 key lifestyle mega-trend: “Homing”. Due to economic growth, home working, entertainment (VOD, video game, etc…), E-commerce, and new delivery players that make many more restaurants accessible...
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Large BePulp Cup

BePulp Sustainable Paper Cups

The food to go sector is expanding all over Europe generating a growing demand for paper cups. This, going along with an increasing Green Awareness of the people, decided Sabert to extend...
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New BePulp Sustainable Packaging Solutions!

The booming demand for our BePulp Sustainable Packaging Solutions is driven by major food trends as: consumer in search for convenient eating and consumer increasing Eco Behaviour. Convenience foods: Today’s convenience food...
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The table ready eco-friendly solution

At Sabert we keep our eyes wide open on the fast moving packaging market we are in, we consistantly offer new solutions to enable our foodservice customers to embrace the new trends...
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container for delivery

The eco-friendly solution for hot food

The food service market is changing rapidly driven by trends including the increasing number of people ordering food online and the growing number of consumers looking for sustainable offerings. The need for...
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Salad Bowl

Innovative design to showcase all salads

Salad is firmly in fashion. Rather than a meal accompaniment, it often takes centre-stage as a main meal in itself so consumers want salads that are filling, healthy and delicious. Consumers wants...
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Hot Food Container

Individual Hot Food Containers

We are happy to announce the launch of our new Fastpac small rectangular containers that enhance our hot food containers collection. Current trend leading our food service markets is “homing”: Eating at...
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Compostable bowl now available with a domed lid

In light of the increasingly growing demand for eco-friendly and compostable packaging and the huge demand for healthy and fresh salads, the 1L bagasse bowl is now available with a domed lid....
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New deep platter to complete the Deli range

At Sabert we know that catering is an art. A combination of great tasting food and sensational presentations. With our Deli Platter range, caterers are able to offer an upscale presentation that...
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Eco friendly compartment containers

With the aim of making food always look greater while following the most recent food market trends, we decided to extent our eco friendly container range with 2 new compartment solutions. The 2 new...
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A new wide range ideal for takeaway

The BePulp Grab&go range is the packaging solution for on-the-go lifestyles. The 6 new perfectly portable solutions made from bagasse and clear PET fit any snacking need, from sandwiches and subs to sushi and...
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Hot food container 3-compartment

Restaurant delivery service is growing very fast (+ 42% within 2020). This is due to 2 key lifestyle mega-trends: high consumer expectations for quality of ingredients and daily dining experiences, as well...
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